Carlin Combustion
Features & Benefits
  Interrupted Duty Ignition
    Recycle on Flame Failure
    Serviceman Reset Protection ( Latch-up after three consecutive lockouts)
    Diagnostic LED's
    Valve Delay on/motor Delay OFF (Pre/post purge - Contact Carlin for Available Timings)
    15 Second Trial for Ignition (TFI) Other Timings Available
    1.3 Second Flame Failure response time (FFRT)
    Alarm Contacts
    Thermostat/aquastat Compatible
    SMC (Safety Monitoring Circuit) Technology
Power Input
(Red/White Wire)
  120 vac, 60 Hz, 9 VA
Limit Circuit Input
(Black Wire)
  120 vac, 60 Hz
Motor Load
  10 FLA, 60 LRA
Ignitor Load
  120 vac, 60 Hz, 500 VA
Valve Load
  120 vac, 60 Hz, 0.3 Amps
Alarm Contacts
  24 V, AC/DC, 2 Amps
Operating Temperature Limits

+ 32°F to + 140°F

Storage Temperature Limits
  -40°F to +185°F
Thermostat Anticipator Current
  0.2 A, AC
Cad Cell Resistance with Flame
  R < 1500 OHMS
Wiring Diagram
  UL & ULC Recognized Component United States & Canada